At certain periods of our life, we realize that deserve for the better and start seeking more lucrative job opportunities. When we are ready to promote our career, the very first step to determine the venture success is writing a proper resume to present all our knowledge and skills at best.

This guide aims to aid translators in completing this challenging task, to get the job, title, and wages of your dreams.

So what experiences and traits are worth mentioning in a translator resume? Are there any that are not relevant and could be omitted? Is a long paper always impressive or turns into dull at times? And what should you do if you have to submit a translator resume with no experience? Let’s consider the issues in detail.

Translator Resume Objective Examples

Catch your potential employer’s interest with your resume profile statement and objective. The first sections of your resume may persuade an HR manager into reading further and convince them that you are an appropriate candidate. That’s why to say that you just want to apply for the position of a translator in their company is true and correct but obviously not enough.

So, what should you actually say in your resume objective? Learn the specific features and nuances of the particular position, the peculiarities and the branch of activities of their company, and show them that you are in the know. Don’t be shy and mention your outstanding personal traits relevant to the job application.

For example, if you target a logistics company, specify that you previously dealt with cargo and shipment. When it is a travel agency, point out your travel experience and social skills. If you have a degree in law or medicine, it should be certainly included in a resume for a legal or pharmaceutical company.

The idea is to make them understand that you are aware of what you will be entitled to do, and will be able to cope with the task with optimum performance and expertise.

Example 1

Result focused eCommerce translator with a creative eye and a great sense of colour, shape and design desires to work as a marketing translator to translate marketing content and optimize it for the Spanish market.

Example 2

Seeking the role of a translator and localization specialist to utilize my 7 years of game-related content translation experience in translating and proofreading texts, performing linguistic Quality Assurance, cooperating with QA and Player Experience departments, working together with other translators, managers, and developers to ensure top-quality localization.

Example 3

Detail-oriented translator with a Bachelor’s degree in linguistics and translation and with strong cross-cultural communication capabilities seeks a permanent translator position to provide high-level translation services of key documents of the team as requested in a timely manner, aligning understanding with different parties, and bridging the gap between different teams.

Basic sections of a translator resume

The key resume sections are standard for this type of document and usually include the following.

Summary. This is about me section in the resume. Make it short and convincing, highlighting important facts that make you stand out from the crowd. The resume summary section is a proper part to let the employer know about your engagement and eagerness to work in their company. Never lie or exaggerate, however. Never disclose confidential information and trade secrets if you had to work with any – that ruins trust and is illegal. Instead, say you are entrained to work with top privacy documents and it will portray you in a favorable light.

Professional experience. List it in the reverse order outlining the most recent one. Even though the more years of work you have, the better, to have too many positions in this section is not always good. Skipping from one job to another within a couple of months may make a negative impression on the employer with doubts as to your reliability and serious attitude to work. It is ok, however, to mention short-term projects that can describe your active participation.

If you have a medical background completing a medical translator resume, it should be highlighted. In compositing a legal translator resume, any experience dealing with the law is relevant. If you have a degree in engineering, it is beneficial when creating a technical translator resume.
This section should contain:

  • dates,
  • the company’s name,
  • basic job duties (better viewed as a bulleted list),
  • contacts for reference – they do promote a good attitude to the applicant.

Education. A relevant diploma is vitally important. If you have a diploma with honors, do specify it in the resume education section without false modesty. Just state it as a fact. Constant learning is always a great advantage. So attend courses to update your professional knowledge and describe them in your favor. Learn how to work with translation software or localization tools.

Skills. The resume skills section consists of your hard and soft skills. Enumerate your computer skills on the resume including all automated software you can work with. Good command of such tools enhances your performance and can be important if the company employs MemSource, MemoQ, Trados, Smartcat or other CAT tools to speed up the process and unify the term usage.

If you are proficient in simultaneous translation, it is essential. Think of what you can do in your niche and others can’t – and do present it in the best way possible.

Thinking how to list Microsoft office skills on the resume, mention each program in the package separately, preferably with bullets for better readability:

  • Microsoft Word,
  • Microsoft Excel,
  • Microsoft PowerPoint,
  • Microsoft Publisher,
  • Microsoft Project,
  • Microsoft Outlook,
  • Microsoft Visio etc.

As for soft skills for your resume as a translator, they can entail:

  • meeting deadlines,
  • accuracy,
  • adjustability.
  • flexibility,
  • resistance to stress,
  • creative thinking,
  • quick learning,
  • advanced social skills,
  • ability for teamwork,
  • desire to achieve high results,
  • high self-motivation,
  • quality performance.

Optionally, and if relevant, you may also add the other resume sections:

  • Brief personal traits description (correlating with the soft skills mentioned above).
  • Interest section on the resume with your hobbies relevant to the job you are seeking. For example, reading is great to mention in a book translator resume. However, saying that you are an ardent pet lover when submitting a court translator resume would hardly make much sense while stating that you know how to write court hearing minutes certainly does.
  • Resume certification section, your awards and achievements, participation in contests, share experience training, professional workshops, volunteering and so on.

Translator Resume Sample

Fortunately, the internet simplifies resume compellation, and quite often you don’t have to start from the very beginning. All you need to do is to opt for a translator resume sample provided with online software that you can use as basic, just adding your personal information. These are Canva resume builder, LinkedIn resume builder and plenty of others.

Also, some companies and sites prefer their own application forms with questions that interest them most, so all you have to do is to fill in the blanks. Then you can convert your resume into PDF, save and download for sending out to other enterprises as well.

How to write a freelance translator cover letter

A cover letter for a translator with no experience gives you more chances to reveal your talents, competence, and enthusiasm to get a particular job. Be ready to complete a short test – actions speak louder than words. It will be easier for the employer to understand if you can meet their expectations. When the result satisfies the employer, you have all the chances to succeed.

Freelance projects are great as you can work at home and schedule your time in the most convenient way. So, making efforts to write an interesting translator cover letter could be a little compromise to your flexible timetable and other advantages that freelance translation offers.


Dear Ms Recruiter,
As a translator and localization specialist in the game industry with more than 7 years of experience, I am very interested in the Spanish translator position posted on Glassdoor website. The accompanying resume summarizes my education, work experience, special courses and awards that prepare me for this role.

Best regards,
Joe Redden

How to make a translator resume for the first job

When you compose a resume with no experience and can’t boast either of renowned company names, numerous years of work or outstanding skills, you still have a great chance to make a winning summary and cover letter that will leave your professional rivals behind. The ultimate feature that can convince the employer despite your lack of experience is your engagement and great desire to serve. Sometimes, work turns into a tedious routine for people who are busy with it for decades. Your fresh energy and enthusiastic attitude make you the brightest candidate for a developing enterprise with young but promising professionals with advanced visions.

So, take a deep breath, focus on your goal, stay positive and go ahead! When you don’t have the coveted years in your work experience record book, think of the accomplishments you can already flaunt. These are academic progress, volunteering, junior student’s mentoring, tutoring, even attending summer language schools.

How to make your translator resume stand out

The way your resume looks like tells the reader about your personality and professional skills even prior to getting into details.
A neat resume inspires the desire to read further. Here are some tips on how to get your resume noticed:

  • make it well-structured with lists and intervals between paragraphs;
  • highlight the resume section titles;
  • choose appropriate official fonts (Comic would be original but out of place);
  • think of the best colors to use on a resume. Check for corporative colors of the company – this may help you give an idea that you are a part of them already. Bright ones are not good for resume colors as they hurt the eye. Calm and matching colors make it stylish, harmonious.

To summarize, what makes a resume stand out is good readability, relevant information and eye-catching headers. Be convincing, enthusiastic, and engaged in the company’s business.
Don’t have a ready translator resume that you could submit to the firm of your dreams right away? It’s high time to get to work!