Do you want to become a translator?

It’s not rocket science but it’s not easy as butter either. You need to be fluent in at least two languages to be able to translate. Several online forums give opportunities to amateurs and even professionals to do translation jobs with them. It can be remote, part-time or a regular job.

But you know what the best thing about being a translator is? You can work from home!

Without leaving your bed you could be translating a document for a client who lives in China or Australia. Thanks to strong internet connections, most translators are working online these days. The more you translate the better chances you’ll have to improve your skills. But if it’s a first-time experience, you need to understand some important aspects.

Which type of translation jobs to look for?

You need a clear picture of your goals. It depends on your skills, qualification, and interests to try for any of the following types:

  • Written translation is all about being a freelancer (mostly), you can translate glossaries, transcripts, etc.
  • Verbal or conversational interpreting is usually an office-based job and requires fluency in speaking the target language.
  • Literary translation is based on legal and health materials. For instance translation service for a book or an article falls under this category.
  • Localization is to covert content according to the target market. This process is for businesses, translating advertisements to sell a product or a service. A high level of skills is required for this particular job.

You better be skillful to get a good online job!

Being fluent in two languages is a must but besides that, you need a certain set of skills to be able to become a skillful translator:

  • A college degree is a bonus or even a good diploma. If you do not have a college degree then you have to demonstrate your translation skills in a way that will be useful for the prospective client.
  • Being bilingual is good, being multilingual is great! Why not put those multilingual skills to use to garter more clients?
  • You must be able to understand the context of translation.
  • Some basic computer skills are also required. You can keep brushing up your tech skills via online tutorials. And of course, a translator’s strongest asset is not how many languages he can speak but the way he can communicate. Exceptional communication skills are what you need for an accurate translation job.

Keep your eyes on the following sites for translation jobs:

1. Guru and UpWork

If you want to work as a freelancer these sites are made for you. You can set up a freelance account and upload your portfolio to get a better-paying job.
Both of these sites allow you to copy/paste your profile content and you can use the same profile for both sites. Posting for a job is easy and once you start getting offers you can strengthen your profile with good reviews by clients.

2. Lionbridge

A popular business outsourcing website makes it easier for their clientele to outsource non-primary tasks. Many companies use these BPO websites for various tasks such as company outsourcing billing, customer services and other misc. tasks. You can find a job suitable according to your skillset easily.

Another benefit is that you can apply for a job in another country as well. Many foreign businesses enlist their requirements and you can apply accordingly.

3. Gengo

If you are using this site already then you know how it works. If no, then you need to build a portfolio and with more translation work your pay will increase and so on.

It’s a free sign up but before you are able to continue any further, your skills will be tested. You’re your profile is approved, you can find translation opportunities.

It’s an aspiring platform for translators and you can learn a lot. Furthermore, you can improve your translation skills and find valuable tips to pass the test from their resource page.

4. Verbalize it

It is quite a user-friendly site for those businesses who look for fast turnaround time for translation.  As a translator, you are hired based on your translation skills. Keep up your performance, pay attention to detail and you will find better opportunities to work through this platform.

Make a good profile and keep it updated with every translation work, to get great opportunities for real-time job offers. Furthermore, you need to pass a test to be able to use this site as a working platform.

5. Mars Translation

It is a professional translation service provider that hires full-time and freelance translators. If you are looking for a translation job this is a perfect choice.

The hiring process is quite critical because this site is known for its quality-oriented translation and fast turnaround time. Being multilingual will be an asset if you want to become a member of a pool of translators. They cover over 2000 language pairs. If you are skilled in any two languages, you have a great chance of getting a job there.

6. Text Master

Similar to UpWork and Guru, it is a bit stricter in letting the translator use the sit for freelancing work. It’s a golden tool for amateur translators. For beginners, you can opt as a semi-professional translator and once you build up enough confidence in your skills you can switch to a full-professional translator.

If you are a student, this will be a smart choice to practice your lingual skills. You can earn some money as well while you keep up with your studies.

It all begins at a good time

You can use these sites to provide translation services. Experiments with your translation skills will open doors for future opportunities. Take a thorough look at these websites and go for the one that suits best to your translation skill. Always start small, learn from any mistake you make during translation and keep up the spirit.