We are almost in the middle of 2020, but there are still plenty of translation and localization events which you can attend. Attending these events and conferences will give you lots of benefits in your translation career. If you are not sure, check them below.

May20-21TC WorldChina
June9-10TAUS Industry Leaders ForumNetherlands
August20-23Translation ForumRussia
September15-17ALC 18th Annual ConferenceUSA
September25-26Translation and localization conferencePoland
September28-30TAUS Global Content Conference and ExhibitsUSA
October19-20ELIA’s Focus on ExecutivesGreece
October21-2461st ATA ConferenceUSA

Benefits Of Attending The Upcoming Language-industry Events

# 1 Expand your translation network

87% of translators assume that meeting with likeminded people in translation and localization industry builds stronger business relationships. Translation and localization events bring together professionals from different countries. The large-scale events are the perfect opportunity to get together with experts from a wide range of backgrounds. On top of that, you can get some support from other professionals who are at a similar stage in their careers and can share their solutions to the problems and struggles which you go through at work.

# 2 Gain and develop an in-depth knowledge

By attending translation and localization events, you will hear a lot about new trends in the industry. These could be new translation and localization tools, new studies in translation theory, how to start your own website, etc. You will learn the biggest names and meet the newest faces in the industry. Conferences give you the opportunity to talk to these experts one-on-one. You will be able to take part in the wide array of forms in which the knowledge is shared. The most popular are workshops and panel discussions.

As a rule, workshops are focused on one specific issue. They are organized by experts who talk about the best practices in a particular field. That’s why learning is targeted.

Panel discussions gather together presenters from different schools or thought. In this way, you will be exposed to fresh ideas that can grow your knowledge base and inform new strategies.

# 3 Present your ideas and work to other freelance translators

This is one of the most important reasons for attending translation and localization conferences: to present your ideas and projects. It’s a good practice in talking about what you are engaged at with experts from similar or related industries. Participating in lively discussions can give you new ideas. This is because it will give you a new perspective about your work, as people may ask questions that make you think about your project in a different way. It will also help refine your existing concepts and maybe even change your mind about some key issues.

In other words, at language conferences, you have the opportunity to get feedback on your work from experts and get new insights.

# 4 Learn beyond translation and localization

This is a two-fold benefit of attending translation and localization conferences. You may learn things outside your field. For example,

  • how to create your online visibility,
  • how to build a website for a freelance translator,
  • how to set up a business page on Facebook in order to promote translation services
  • how to write a translator resume.

Most conference events have many sessions for professional development and career advice. Generally speaking, at any conference, the attendees are united by a single topic, but they are also interested in other fields which might help them become successful translators.

# 5 Visit a new place, have fun and get inspired

Attending a conference is good fun! Although it is a work event, more than a leisure one. It is enjoyable. Traveling to a new place is a big part of appeal. You get to a different country, eat new food, see more local landmarks or tourist attractions. You can also have a chance to attend social parts of a conference: dinners, trips or parties. Sometimes these events can be formal, but very often they are relaxed and friendly.
Taking part in a translation conference is a brilliant way to promote inspiration by exposing yourself to fresh ideas and exciting projects. There is one way to increase the inspiration factor. It is simply to attend a session that you would not normally attend, or that does not directly relate to your field.